Mexican art collective Lapiztola (Facebook Website) has made an international name for themselves in the art and social justice world by creating consistently powerful work that deals with a wide variety of, mostly political topics, like drug lords, GMO crops, migrants, or just children planting seeds of their future.

The name Lapiztola” is a combination of the words lapiz and pistola (pencil and pistol, respectively) as they were inspired to create works that lifted creativity and culture above violence and oppression, through art. They have painted murals addressing the above topics all around the world, including Los Angeles, Stockholm, Brasil, London, and now Winter Park; on the walls of the new home of Hunger Street Tacos. More on Hunger Street’s new brick and mortar store, HERE.

All of their work is done by hand-cut stencils.

The flowers in the above mural were painted by Liseth Amaya (Website), an artist with feet in Central America, UK, and LA who has collaborated with Lapiztola multiple times in the past.

Both Amaya and Lapiztola will be using their leftover paint from the Hunger Street murals to do a free community piece somewhere in Orlando, the location of which is yet to be released.

Hunger Street Taco is still being built-out and is expected to be finished by late December. The interior is being designed by former Anthropologie Artist-in-Residence, now freelance fine artist, Elizabeth Hornbeck Hogan (Website).




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