Property located west of Clay Street, between Harmon and Par, is being sized up by a developer for a large multi-use project that could include 400 apartment units, a 250-room hotel, 200-unit senior living units, and a senior living center, according to paperwork filed with the City.

The 35.51 acre parcel is currently owned by the Calvary Assembly of God of Orlando, who also happen to be listed as the applicant for the project on City documents. The property is currently being used for surface parking, church activities, recreation, offices, and a school. The application asked that the City amend the future land use designation from Public Recreational to Neighborhood Activity Center and annex the property.

Early plans are calling for 12-15 story buildings in some places. The Orwin Manor Westminster Board of Directors has already begun to oppose the proposed development, on the grounds that it would be uncharacteristically large for the surrounding neighborhood. However, there does happen to be an existing 14-story apartment building on the corner of Clay and Minnesota, on the northern boarder of the site.

The next public hearing for the development will be 2 p.m. on December 12 in the City Commission chambers at City Hall.

The project was recommended for approval by the MPB at the November 15 meeting, subject to conditions in the staff report and the following conditions:

  • Add to conditions of approval the revised language provided by the applicant for conditions 16 and 17 under the Land Development section in the Staff Report, including the added last sentence proposed by staff (see below).
  • Add items 1, 3, 4 and 10, as listed in the Orwin Manor Association letter, to the conditions of approval



Applicant Revised Conditions for Calvary
Applicant Revised Conditions for Calvary
Orwin Manor Association letter with additional conditions for Calvary Assembly

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  1. osterhausb That 2007 study has had a bad effect on all our neighborhoods in the area including College Park.  They build this I-4 addition for cars but have an ancient transportation system for any other means of travel.  Example; Who ever heard of taking you car to a parking garage one mile from home to ride one mile on rail system to downtown and then walk where ?

  2. Orwin Manor Residents are not pleased.  Traffic is already horrible on Clay and will only get worse.  The City of Orlando didn’t do a traffic study, because they thought the I-4 Ultimate project would influence the results.  So they used a traffic study from 2007 and inflated the numbers based on estimated growth.  Very scientific.  City of Orlando has no idea how bad the traffic is on Clay.  I don’t believe that the City of Orlando even visited the site, because if they did, they would quickly realize how horrible an idea it is to add to that congestion.  The project will be approved, just like every other tilt-wall/prefab monstrosity.  Cities love property taxes too much for it to not be rubber stamped.  You can’t even drive down Mills/Morse with all the development and they aren’t even done.  Build, Build, Build.