The Thornton Park Main Street program has hired artists to kick off their own Only Rain Down the Drain campaign, following in the steps of sister district Mills 50. More on that program HERE.

The Art Drains project is part of a City-wide educational initiative, via the arts, to show residents how interconnected our waterways are. What is in the streets will inevitably reach the nearest lake, river, or pond.

The Thornton Park drain art is a little different from the Mills 50 drains, as they will not be sporting the district branding. According to Thornton Park District manager Lisa Cuatt, the decision was made to omit their logo as they felt like it would take away from the art.

Kristi Hamby is responsible for four drains at the intersection of Eola Drive and Pine Street, Jaime Margary has already completed a drain on the side of Burton’s on Washington Street, and City Commissioner Patty Sheehan will be painting a drain near 420 East at the corner of Lake and Church Street.

You may recall Margary’s name from when he cosplayed as a Bird of Paradise and made THIS amazing video.

Editor’s Note: Thank you to the 101 Eola property manager for letting us take a photo from your parking garage. 

Artwork by Jaime Margary
Artwork by Krista Hamby
Artwork by Krista Hamby
Artwork by Krista Hamby
Artwork by Krista Hamby
Artwork by Krista Hamby

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  1. It’s also nice that they left Thornton Park out of the artwork since it isn’t in Thornton Park. They really need to scale it back with all the TPD nonsense. Banners up all around Lake Eola that say Thornton Park District, it’s dumb. The lake is not in Thornton Park. Almost nothing is in Thornton Park but the city lets TPD lay claim to half the city so they can make money off everything. Shame on the Main Street program!