There was a drunk driver that managed to collide with a number of businesses along a section of Virginia Drive on Monday, December 19 at around 6:30 p.m. The driver, said to be noticeably intoxicated by shop owners and witnesses at the scene – who spoke with us before New Year’s – shattered a window at Florida Tribal Dance studio (Facebook), flew up the sidewalk, and then ultimately hit a wall of a mosaic studio/shop just up the street. Witnesses say the driver then fled the scene by jumping in a vehicle that had been following closely behind.

Nobody has been reported as injured due to the collision, despite a “Tribal-Style” improvisational dance class that was being held there when the car crashed through the glass.

The cases associated with this incident are 16-509144 and 16-509142 if you would like to make a statement or have any more information.

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