The Central Beer Market, a concept by Team Market Group (Website), will be opening in Parramore by the end of March.

The market is essentially a store where customers will grab a bucket, fill it with ice, select their own beer bottles from a number of refrigerators at the back of the space, and then pay at the check out counter before sitting down to enjoy their drinks. There will be no bartenders at the market.

There will also be a DIY hookah counter where you can choose and pack your own hookah.

Beers will be priced per bottle but there will be daily/weekly specials. TMG told us that they’re currently working with local breweries like Crooked Can Brewing Company (Website) to start selling their product.

The space currently serves as the offices for Team Market Group team and they are planning to continue working out of the building at least for the first year of the Beer Market’s operations.

The Central Beer Market will be located at 1026 W. Central Boulevard, directly across the street from the West Arts District, which we’ve written about previously HERE.



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  1. For folks who say the location is bad or “not ready” as someone who has lived in Philly NYC and LA, this is how gentrified neighborhoods get started. ie: Fishtown in Philly, Harlem, and Silverlake in LA. Get ready y’all.