Publix will no longer hand out unprompted courtesy slices of meat at their delis.

The grocer would traditionally give deli customers a slice of whatever they were asked to cut, to check on thickness and quality, but no longer. The decision is part of a new strategy to streamline the deli process, or as Publix told the Tampa Bay Times“… create a more natural exchange between our deli clerks and our customers.”

Yet even though the slices will not be offered outright, shoppers can still request a free sample, they just won’t be waving it in your face.


Brendan O'Connor

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  1. So it takes twenty seconds for the nice deli person to slice and hand you the slice. I’m wondering what prompted this and betting I can guess.

  2. This is just in the Tampa Bay Area as a pilot to increase check out times. Not in the Orlando area. Just FYI