Minnesota-based advocacy group, Strong Towns (Facebook | Website) visited Baldwin Park recently, a performed an audit of sorts, on its over-all design and functionality. Strong Towns seeks to challenge the discourse around American cities, and shine spotlights on those municipalities that are setting an example.

Baldwin Park was created through the lens of New Urbanism; a movement in planning that promotes walkable blocks and streets, dense housing and retail uses, and accessible public spaces – or a more human-scaled design process.

Most New Urbanist designs are built in areas that are far from the urban core. Baldwin Park however, was built only two miles from downtown Orlando, a fact that Strong Towns sees as a major plus.

“My on-the-ground impression of Baldwin Park, as a pedestrian and a first-time visitor, is that from a design standpoint, this place works. Really well. I’ll explain in the subsequent paragraphs why I think so.”
– Daniel herriges

Herriges, the author of the piece, performs an in-depth audit of Baldwin Park’s streetscape and urban design, all of which can be read by clicking HERE.

Some of Herriges’ favorite things about Baldwin Park include:

  • an urban grocery store at the heart of the neighborhood
  • terminating New Broad Street at the popular Lake Baldwin Park
  • an abundance of connections between Baldwin Park and adjacent neighborhoods

Interestingly, public transit was not mentioned.

Brendan O'Connor

Editor in Chief of Bungalower.com

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