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The North Quarter Market (Facebook) was originally a joint effort between Downtown Credo, the Farmacy, and Pop Parlour, which opened in late November, 2016.

The collaborative market concept was built around the idea of having a community market and coffee shop under one roof. Which meant there were two separate points of sale; one for the food and one for the coffee. That’s about to change, according to Downtown Credo rep, Jason Moore.

Moore informed Bungalower that Credo will be taking the Market helm and embracing more of a general store concept over the next month. They will offer products from new vendors like Porch Therapy, Orlando City Kombucha, Em’s Neighborhood Kitchen, art by local woodworker Blair Sligar, and more throughout August.

The Farmacy’s shelves will be consolidated to allow for more room for bottled beer and wine, in the not-too-distant future.

All sales will now take place through one cashier.

If any local makers or businesses are interested in having their wares sold at the North Quarter Market, they’re encouraged to email [email protected] for more information.

Editor’s Note: Any local toothbrush makers out there? This would be the perfect spot for you.

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  1. This is good to hear. I noticed the sign on my drive home so I stopped and walked in. It was hard to tell what they were trying to do. One store with two registers and certain things are bought at one register and certain things are bought at the other register is weird. I didn’t realize it was a coffee shop too till I was getting ready to leave.