Ask Bungalower: What’s up with the hidden cameras and “orange-aid” booth at Lake Eola


“What’s going on at the end of Washington Street by lake Eola? I took these photos this morning – 2 RVs and hidden cameras up a palm tree and an orange juice stand.” – Blake Ringholz

We received the above message from Blake Ringholz on Friday, August 18. The photos that Ringholz is referring to are very low res but check them out below. They show a juice stand set up on the eastern edge of Lake Eola, with a hand-painted “orange-aid” sign and a van unloading some film equipment.
Photo by Blake Ringholz
According to Doug Richards at City Hall, this was part of a commercial shoot for Voya Financial (Website), set up by the Orlando Film Commission. The hidden cameras that Ringholz noticed were setup to catch the reactions of people who stopped to purchase a cup of juice when the girl working the booth starts to give them unsolicited financial advice.
Watch the video above to see the final product.

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