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“We have a crisis… First, the fountain was turned off in advance of Irma.  Smart move. BUT – then it never was turned back on.  Why? THEN – earlier this week, they brought this boat in…and poof, next thing you know, the fountain is GONE!!! Oh please, dear Bungalower….can you find our fountain? Will it be returned? Is Lake Midget doomed to be “just another goddamn sink hole”?  Please help!!” – James Baier | Gezellig Cookies

As Mr. Baier notes above, the fountain at the aforementioned “lake” was indeed removed by the City of Winter Park following Hurricane Irma.

According to Winter Park’s Assistant Director of Communications, Craig O’Neil, the fountain was already scheduled for maintenance prior to the storm. Following Irma, the problems with the local electrical grid caused some major issues with the City’s aerator systems, pushing forward the scheduled maintenance on a number of fountains like the one mentioned by Baier.

The fountain will soon be returned back to its home in Lake Midget, tucked away between South Denning Drive, North Kentucky Avenue, and South Kentucky Avenue [GMap].

Editor’s Note: Lake Midget is indeed the result of a sinkhole, though not to be confused with the Great Winter Park sinkhole that created Lake Rose, just to the north, in 1981.

Photo by James Baier


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  1. Thank you for solving the mystery. A collective sigh of relief to know the neighborhood will be made [not just a sink] whole soon.