The 800 SF single-family home located at 717 Virginia Drive [GMap] was recently bulldozed to make way for a new development.

The house was built in 1940 and according to the Orange County Property Appraiser, the lot sold in July for $637,300 to Bates Enterprises of Orlando, LLC.

After further research, the property will be used as a private car lot to store cars for the owner. Designs have not yet been submitted to the City for review.

The project architect declined to comment at this time.

Brendan O'Connor

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  1. Bait and switch?
    It looks like True Life Choice, one of those pregnancy centers that misinforms young women of their options under the ruse of providing “healthcare” is being built at 717 instead. According to City of Orlando, a review was approved in May of 2018. And the property is listed as True Life Choice under Bates Enterprises LLC by the property appraiser.
    As a property owner in the Lake Formosa neighborhood I can tell you that if True Life Choice does build a Crisis Pregnancy Center to deceive vulnerable young women they will not be welcome nor tolerated.