Art LaBellman, owner of LaBelle Furs (Facebook | Website), will be retiring after 46 years in the fur business.

The business, located at 351 N. Orange Avenue [GMap], has actually been in operation since 1957, but actually goes back to 1919 to LaBellman’s grandmother, Sara. The shop currently does most of its business in fur storage, keeping over 4,000 coats and fur pieces in their 1,700 SF temperature controlled warehouse.

They also clean and sell new pieces in the front retail section. A retirement sale is being held with all inventory of furs, leather, and cashmere being marked down 40-60 percent.n Check out some of the deals below that we found on their Facebook page.

Following the liquidation sale, LaBellman’s son Alex will take control of the business with his wife (LaBellman’s daughter-in-law) Santa.  The new husband wife team will be remodeling the building but no permits have been filed at this time.

100% Italian Cashmere regular $1495.00 now $695.00
All wool and cashmere capes 60% off


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  1. Hope to Gawd they keep the vintage sign and exterior intact. Orlando so often discards what little artitecture and vintage signage we have remaining.

  2. WTF are you promoting animal torture and abuse for, Bungalower? Fur is unnecessary, and belongs only on the animal. We have many viable alternatives as it’s 2017 now. You should feel actual shame.

    1. Absolutely agree. This family has made a fortune off of the misery and suffering of animals….all for womens’ vanity.