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A never-been-used orange cargo bike is available to be snatched up right now on Craigslist.

The orange front-loading cargo bike has a 29.5″ x 29.5″ x 24″ basket that could easily hold your estranged husband, four-legged friend, or stacks of Se7enbites baked goods if you’re doing some hurricane prep.

It is a Trejo brand cargo bike, marketed by the company as “Mexico’s best cargo bike.” Trejo brand cargo bikes sell for over $2,500 on the Trejo website, HERE.

The asking price is $600.

Click HERE to see the listing.

Editor’s Note: If the link no longer works that means the listing has been removed.

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  1. If the link no longer works that means the listing has been removed… what does that mean? I mean that doesn’t give you anything to go on does that mean it’s sold? Does that mean it got taken out by accident? Does that mean the owner changed his mind? I can’t handle non-specific people. Especially when they continue to leave and add up in other places that is unapproachable and unattainable… makes me believe ulterior agendas are going on here. Kind of like the look over here not over there trick. And now I see it says if the link it’s not working has been taken down and likely it was sold…. so then mr. Brendan why do you leave it up all over town? So people can waste their time and trip over anything that you want them to read in the meantime?

    1. Well, your first clue is the post went up in 2018 … so if something was for sale and then the link disappeared that likely means it’s no longer for sale … for whatever reason. Sorry for the tease! The internet is so tough, am I right?

    1. IF the link isn’t working, that means the listing has been removed – likely because it sold.

  2. Yea that’s 2500 pesos not USD on the brand site. So this is listed at more than double the original cost.