Ask Bungalower: Where did that sax mural come from on the back of The Beacham?

Photo by Jim Hobart

“Anyone know the story behind the giant saxophone mural on the back wall of The Beacham building? It must be 40 feet tall …”
– Jim Hobart

The Beacham Building was purchased by Larry and Sherry (great names!) Carpenter in 1975, who spent an estimated $250,000 to remodel and restore the building and transform it into a franchise of The Great Southern Music Hall.

The restoration included a mural of a saxophone on the back of the building, as shown below.

Photo by Don Koenig via Wikimedia Commons

The Great Southern Music Hall closed in 1981 before housing a series of short-lived businesses like a laser light show, a laser tag business, a cabaret theater called Moulin Orange, and a celebrity dinner theater.

The saxophone lasted through them all.

The Beacham (Website) is located at 46 N. Orange Avenue [GMap] and is currently operating as a nightclub and live music venue.


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