Come Out With Pride throwing fabulous hat in the ring for World Pride 2026

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo

As Come Out With Pride prepares for their 15th year of LGBTQ+ pride celebrations this October 2019, the organization announced their intent to apply to host WorldPride in 2026.

In their announcement of their intent to apply to host the event, COWP stated that they wanted to use the event and campaign as an ” … opportunity to not only express our gratitude but also continue working together towards our common goals on a global scale.” In regards to the events that took place on June 12, 2016; leveraging the incident and the city’s response to show proof of Orlando’s openness to diversity.

If successful in their bid, it is estimated that WorldPride Orlando could bring roughly 1 million attendees to the region.

Past WorldPride host cities have included London, Madrid, Rome, Tel Aviv, and Toronto, with New York City hosting this summer as part of the 50th Anniversary of 50th Anniversary.

This year’s Pride Week will run from Monday, October 7-13.

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