UPDATE: The top section of the fountain is indeed in storage and the City is looking at what will be involved in the repair process before moving forward.

“Bungalower, I think someone stole the top of Sperry Fountain. Any info on this?” – Bungalower Reader

A reader reached out to us over the weekend regarding the sudden disappearance of the top half of the Sperry Fountain in Greenwood Cemetery.

The fountain, which we at the Bungalower offices affectionately refer to as “the other fountain,” was originally erected in Lake Eola Park in 1914 by Mayor Sperry and was the first official piece of public art in the City of Orlando.

The cast iron fountain was infamous for breaking down from time to time and was eventually moved to Greenwood Cemetery, sans chlorinated water, in an effort to preserve it for a little while longer.


A replica of the iron fountain was installed in its place in the southeastern corner of the park.

The top section of the fountain recently snapped off after Memorial Day due to some substantial rot/rust at the center of the piece.

It wasn’t stolen but there are no current plans to fix the fountain.

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