There’s a full moon this Friday which also happens to be a Harvest Moon, and it also happens to be falling on Friday the 13th.


The Harvest Moon is an annual full moon event that occurs around the time of the autumnal equinox, a traditional time during the year for farmers to reep what they’ve sown and begin to hole up for the winter and they tend to rise closer to the time of sunset. The extra bright moonlight in the early hours of the evening allegedly let farmers work a bit later into the day to harvest their crops. Get it?

According to some people (we’re being nice), the full moon has an effect on human behavior because our bodies are roughly 60% water and we’re basically little human tidal pools getting tossed and turned by cosmic forces. Also, werewolves.

Some studies have tried to prove that cases of “full moon madness” exist that result in more ER visits but we’d argue that people may just feel peer pressured by our little sky ball into acting dumber than usual – resulting in an unplanned trip to the hospital.

Friday the 13th has some smattering of unluckiness associated with it in Western snake oil circles for some sort of reason that some attribute to a variety of reasons like the Greek word for Friday and thirteen being so similar or something to do with Jesus and that last dinner party he threw in The Bible.

We’re going to blame it on the greeting card industry.

Either way, the moon is gonna be out on a funny day and everyone’s going to be talking about it on social media.

The next Full Harvest Moon won’t fall on Friday the 13th until 2049.

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