Bob Barnett, otherwise known as “Banjo Bob,” has been wearing glasses all his life and always wished he had a pair that could be fixed easily once broken.

So he made his own.

The former Milk District dishwasher/cardboard dinosaur skull sculptor has launched a new business based out of a Winter Park warehouse which specializes in glasses that are free from the tyranny of tiny screws.

Banjolitos Eyewear (Facebook | Instagram | Website) has assembled a team of local designers and craft workers to launch a line of glasses that are affordable and easy to fix because they’re built in segments, like Legos. The glasses can come with interchangeable pieces to change colors, frame shapes, and more, according to how you’re feeling that day. For prescription eyewear or sunglasses.

They’re relatively new and still having fun with materials so they’ve been experimenting with things like wood from The Senator which was burned down by the Voldemort of Central Florida, She Who Must Be Named, Sara Barnes.

Obviously that material is precious so the Banjolitos team is also working on sourcing fallen hurricane wood and other story-laden woods to create their unique, wearable, conversation pieces.

Check out some of their options below.

Oxford Eyes Orlando, located at 1231 N. Orange Avenue [GMap] in Ivanhoe Village just signed up to carry some of their products.

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