PROMO: We told you HERE that our friends at The New Standard (Facebook Website) were selling BLT and Bourbon Kits to take home and make in the safety of your own kitchen.

Our editor Brendan O’Connor was invited for a special video cooking class with Chef Ryan McLaughlin and Director of Operations, Erin Allport, who instructed him on how to make the best use of their kits. So we Zoomed it and re-edited it as best we could.

The New Standard is selling specially curated sandwich kits alongside a fairly ambitious takeout menu during the pandemic, including a comprehensive BLT Sandwich Kit that includes one pound of house-cured bacon, one loaf of country sourdough bread, a half-pint of house-made aioli, two Waterkist Farms tomatoes, and a head of living lettuce for you to take home.

Editor’s Note: Living let’s is just what it sounds like, lettuce that’s still alive! It has roots and you can put it in a bowl with a little water and it will stay nice and fresh for about a week in your refrigerator.

The crew is also making kits for batch cocktails like their tasty Pistachio Old Fashioned. You can get a kit for $14 which includes 187 ml of pistachio-infused bourbon, an atomizer with Bitter Truth Bitters, and two orange twists. It’s meant for two drinks, but nobody will fault you if you drink it all yourself.

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