“Hey, Bungalower! What’s happening with Checker Park in Parramore? It looks like it’s been torn down or something. Is it coming back?”

– Bungalower Reader

The construction in question is part of the ongoing I-4 Ultimate project, and is part of a new eastbound State Road 408 bridge that will go over Parramore Avenue – right where Checker Park happens to be.

The “park,” located at 619 S. Parramore Avenue [GMap], consists of a series of permanently placed checkers tables under the 408 overpass. The City of Orlando created the area when local residents were found enjoying the shade of the over pass rather than walking up the street to the newly constructed ZL Riley Park.

FDOT fenced off the area under the overpass in February 2020 to deter pedestrians and people from congregating there during construction, which is expected to last about a year. When the work is complete, Checker Park is expected to be restored to pre-construction conditions.

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Brendan O'Connor

Editor in Chief of Bungalower.com

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