“… I am hearing different feedback from our Park Avenue District Members than I did through the first few months of this pandemic… The other big subject was street closure, with more time passing it seems this is less and less needed. This was incredibly helpful to many businesses and provided more outside dining. As a group, we have gone from an 85% approval of these closures to close to 40% approval rate.”

Sarah Grafton, President of the Park Avenue District

The City of Winter Park and the Winter Park Chamber of Commerce’s Economic Recovery Task Force have just announced the cancelation of all public programming for the next two months due to the recent spikes in COVID-19 infection rates.

The City of Winter Park has been hosting socially-distant weekend programming in its downtown area for the past four months with outdoor movie screenings, sidewalk sales, and road closures for expanded outdoor dining.

The Economic Recovery Task Force will be re-evaluating whether or not to resume the program in April.

Brendan O'Connor

Editor in Chief of

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  1. The rise in Covid had very little to do with the cancellation. It was primarily a parking issue