The City of Winter Park is considering a program that would transform empty storefronts into something more than dark windows.

Assistant Division Director, Kyle Dudgeon an item at a public meeting last month and provided background on the number of vacant or ‘dark’ storefronts on Park Avenue, which currently has a vacancy rate of roughly 8 percent.

Dudgeon is suggesting that Winter Park adopt a type of Vacant Property Registration Ordinance that would offer discounts to eligible property owners to their electric utility bill in
exchange for leaving their lights on during dormant storefront periods and partnering with local artists to activate the windows with temporary installations or paintings.

The program would likely give a maximum of $500 per business for participating in the project and work with volunteers.

Brendan O'Connor

Editor in Chief of

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  1. I’m a artist I’m interested in filling a window for you my name is Heidi Nickloy u can contact me threw my email witch I have provided in the log in thanks 😊

    1. Heidi, we’re a news site and we’re not affiliated with this program – we simply reported on it. You need to contact Winter Park once the program is launched, not us.
      Good luck though.