Orange County voted to ban stores that sell certain baby animals this week following a contentious Commission meeting.

The new ordinance passed by one vote and will phase into effect in one year, after which, stores will be penalized if they sell any puppies, kittens, and rabbits to the public. The move comes in response to intense pressure from animal shelter organizations to clamp down pet stores under the assumption that they are sourcing their animals from puppy mills and questionable breeders.

Representatives of Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando stressed that the County, which is currently housing an overwhelming amount of animals in its shelters, would be much better served if pet stores were not operating within their borders, allowing residents to take home rescues instead of promoting uncontrolled breeding.

Brendan O'Connor

Editor in Chief of

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  1. I highly doubt that the majority of dogs in shelters are $5000 microchipped pure breeds that are sold at pet stores. Yes puppy mills are awful but I only see Pitbull’s and Pitbull mixes at shelters. Let’s crack down on the breed specific issues so that so many are not euthanized.

  2. If you’re in a community that only allows small dogs I will say that the “overwhelming amount of adoptable animals” at shelters doesn’t include small dogs and is painfully competitive trying to adopt one. I adopted a small dog from the Alliance of Greater Orlando (pre-covid) but it took going to Orange County animal control every single day for long hours at a time for almost 2 weeks in order to eventually successfully adopt a small dog as soon as it was checked in before someone else could swoop her up. I agree about the puppy mills with some pet stores concern but the new ordinance banning all sales I’m sure will prevent many competent owners from being able to get a dog at all.