The Orlando Science Center ignored their mission and threw science out the window in favor of witchcraft and pagan rights this week, and asked their resident skunk to predict what team would win the Super Bowl this weekend.

The Center released resident Memphis the Skunk to choose between two helmets this afternoon and Memphis clearly chose the Rams to come out ahead. You can watch the video yourself below.

Each helmet hid a small bowl of worms for Memphis to choose from as added incentive. You can apparently book some one-on-one time with the skunk by clicking HERE.

Brendan O'Connor

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  1. All I can say to that is this: Stupid is as Stupid does.

    BTW and FWIW: All 14 of my cats say otherwise. And neither they, nor I even watch thus garbage.

    Personally I think these sports are all way over-rated, as well as way, way, WAY OVERPRICED to even attend such events in person. Talk about “price gouging”, seems their is only ONE organization that ALWAYS gets away with this supposed illegal criteria, and that is ALL and EVERY SPORTING EVENT one might have wanted to attend.

    If you’re on a fixed income or not some lone making at least half-a-million+ a year, you’re priced right out of being there in person!

    Surprised they even televise it, since I don’t see them making as much from it as they do from an idiot willing to pay those ridiculous in person seating costs! Oh wait, they’re probably price gouging those idiot companies that think a commercial during the SB us worth those BLOATED COSTS. It really is ridiculous, but as they say: A fool and their money are soon parted! And the other that fits: You can’ t fix stupid!

    I rest my case your Honor.