Each and every year, Google looks back at the moments and trends that made that year unique and special in its Year in Search roundup. This year the top trending search globally was “Wordle,” as the popular five-letter guessing game became a daily ritual almost as popular as having a cup of coffee when you wake up.

The results can also be broken down based on geographic area and they have issued a 2022 report of trending searches for the Orlando area, which we’ve listed for you below:

  • The Orlando area was the only place in the country with “snake juice” listed as its top trending recipe. Snake juice is a water-based drink with Himalayan pink salt and potassium mixed in to help your body go into ketosis quickly.
  • Capybaras were the top trending animal in the Orlando area, not just because they’re amazing, but also because you can visit them at places like Amazing Animals Inc. Wildlife Preserve and Gatorland.
  • Orlando was one of the only two places in the country to have “sandbags” listed as a top trending “near me” search item, with the other area being Tampa Bay.
  • Orlando had the most “Indian restaurant near me” searches in the country.
  • Rap was the most searched music genre for Orlando.
  • The top ten trending “near me” searches in Orlando were sandbags, gas prices, cheapest gas, pilates, food pantry, plasma donation, barbershop, estate sales, bingo, and Indian restaurant.

Click HERE to see the Local Year in Search 2022 roundup yourself or click HERE to enter a specific Zip Code.

Brendan O'Connor

Editor in Chief of Bungalower.com

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