When an evening flight to Tennessee was canceled, 13 total strangers became friends when they embarked on a road trip together in a shared van.

On Sunday, December 4, Frontier Airlines canceled a flight out of the Orlando International Airport headed to Knoxville, Tennessee. While most people were scrambling to get new flights and not making much progress, 13 people agreed to rent a 15-person travel van together and hit the road rather than camping out at MCO.

One of the passengers, Alanah Story, captured the moment for her TikTok account, which you can watch below. The van made it to Knoxville safely and you can read more about the trip and the strangers-turned-friends HERE on CNN.


I cant make this up. Road trip! 🚐 @The Farm Babe @StarrPuck @doerksen92 @Renee @robinwharton976 @CozumelAutentico

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