First United Methodist is selling part of its downtown campus.

Located across the street from the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts, First United Methodist Church of Orlando currently occupies a property that spans two city blocks. The current pastor has just announced that they intend to list a one-acre parcel on Jackson Street for sale or for a ground lease.

“The decision to list this piece of property has been made following a great deal of prayer, discussion, and support from the congregants. It’s a way for us to honor our legacy, while also embracing our future. In taking a look at all we’ve been blessed with in Orlando, selling or ground leasing this parcel will ensure First United Methodist Church is being a good steward of our resources, putting us in a better position to minister to the community, while maximizing the use of existing properties.”


The property, located at 42 E. Jackson Street [GMap], is tucked away behind the Grand Bohemian Hotel and currently hosts two buildings that are connected by a second-floor crosswalk, as seen below. It currently serves as the Wesley Early Learning and Family Center for infants to children of four years of age.

First United Methodist intends to keep the property at 142 E. Jackson Street [GMap] where their sanctuary, ministry, and educational offices will continue to operate.

The price for the property is not public at this time but interested parties can contact Matt Messier at Foundry Commercial for more information at [email protected].

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  1. I’m afraid that this is an example of greed and pride smuggling its way into the church. Hopefully they only sell a 100 year lease. Why not stand your ground and help the community. Who needs the property and money so bad.

  2. Does the church own the property or is it held in trust of the UMC? I have been through this.

  3. The world is full of surprises; while churches in America sell or lease discontinued or abandoned property, hundreds of congregations are looking for buildings in Africa. I pray that churches who sell their property will support or partner with churches in Sierra Leone, specifically. Rev. Paul Bala Samura (765-407-2404).

  4. Not against downtown development, but this was not handled very well in terms of dealing with closing the school. Forcing teachers and parents to find new work and childcare over the summer, and announcing the sale of the property two days before the shutting the school down does not seem like a very thoughtful way to end 38 years of service to the community.

    Would love to see them sell the property to a developer who could supply downtown with some much needed affordable housing, instead of just razing the building to make more Bohemian hotel rooms for wealthy sportsball players to crash at after games.