Bungalower Media was approached by the Downtown Development Board/CRA earlier in the year to come up with a campaign that focuses on people who love to visit downtown Orlando, and we are proud to announce the launch of a new photo series that we’re calling People of Downtown.

Throughout the summer, we will be showcasing a different interview with someone we encountered in downtown Orlando, and asking them what brought them downtown, what they love about it, and where they’re from. Those interviews will be shared weekly on social media, in our newsletters, and here on Bungalower.com, each month.

The series is sponsored by the Downtown Development Board/CRA and features the talented work of local photographer, Amanda Claire Photo (Instagram | Website).

Here are four People of Downtown that we encountered this month. Stay tuned for more!

Hi! What’s your name?

“Hi, I’m Hailey!”

What do you do, Hailey?

“I’m in the Coast Guard. For a little while longer anyway. haha But I love it, don’t read anything into that.”

That’s cool! Are you local? Where do you live?

“I live right in SoDo. It’s too hot to bike or anything so I drove today. But I love walking around when I get here.”

Why are you downtown?

“It’s my favorite thing to do on Sunday mornings. The farmers market. I do it every weekend. I get the sprouts, and my arepa, and my flowers. This Sunday I got a plant too, so I’m excited. My favorite thing downtown is the food and I love all of it. World of Beer and The Dust, and Craft and Common are my favorite.”

What’s your name?

“I’m Jennifer Lopez, like the celebrity. A lot of people know me as ‘J. Lo.'”

Where are you from?

“I’m actually from Orlando. I’m right by the Orlando Airport, so it’s not that far away.”

How often do you come downtown?

“ I come downtown all the time, I’m here probably every weekend with my dog.” 

What’s your favorite thing to do downtown?

“It’s funny. I’m not a coffee lover, but I love going to the coffee shops. Because there’s such amazing ambiance. The atmosphere is incredible. I love to just work on my work emails and all that fun stuff, so I’m always looking for a good shop to visit.”

Hi there! What are your names?

“I’m Jade and this is …”

“My name is Hope.”

What are y’all doing downtown looking so fabulous?

“We just left church and we always come to the farmers market after church to get a treat. We never know what we’re going to get. It’s always a surprise.”

“I want ice cream.”

Hey ladies! What are y’all doing downtown?

“It is Britney’s birthday weekend, so we went to the Tea Room Experience just up the street. It was our first time, and then we just stumbled onto Lake Eola. And I got flowers for myself.” 

Just like Miley Cyrus! Now what are you going to do?

“Now we’re going on an adventure and petting all of the golden retrievers. We live in Ocala so we don’t come down here often.”

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