After more than five years of putting out our monthly mini-magazine, Bungalower Media has stepped it up with a bigger and better print product. We’re in the newspaper business, Orlando.

After 71 issues of our Bungalower Zine, we are proud to announce the launch of a new Bungalower newspaper, that hit the streets this October. As with our previous product, we will be covering everything from the most-read headlines of the previous month, new Arts and Culture headlines, the Coming and Going of the local food scene, and the top events to put on your calendar that month.

The first issue features an interactive board game as the centerfold, designed in-house by our own Strategic Partnerships Director Mike Donohue, that you can play with the help of a six-sided dice or dice app on your Smartphone. We also bring the award-winning Medium Rare Burger recipe from the defunct Orlando Meats back from the dead so you can make it at home.

And don’t sleep on our new advice column from Bungalower’s own pet drag queen, Brenda from Bithlo, where she answers hard-hitting questions from our readers ranging from how to fix broken boyfriends and cheap date ideas.

You can pick up an issue at local businesses around Orlando’s bungalow neighborhoods as well as at our monstrous-looking newspaper box at East End Market. Other locations include:

  • The Aardvark
  • Johnny’s Other Side
  • Hungry Pants
  • RockPit Brewing
  • Ivanhoe Park Brewing
  • Eola General
  • The Falcon
  • Cavo’s Thornton Park
  • Burton’s Bar
  • The Classic Thornton Park
  • The Hideaway
  • Tactical Brewing
  • Hourglass Social
  • Hourglass Brewing

Want to be a part of our exciting new print adventure? Reach out to us at [email protected] or contact Donohue directly at [email protected] for our latest media kit.

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