You’ve likely seen it slinking around town; a giant skunk-shaped vehicle, bringing smiles and concerned looks to bystanders across the City Beautiful. It’s the special creation of Brandon Willis (Instagram), and it’s actually a moving work of art.


How long have you lived in Orlando, Brandon?

I was born and raised in Central Florida but moved away after graduating from UCF in ‘08. I moved back to Orlando about a year ago.

What do you do when you’re not driving a skunk mobile around the country?

I’m a contractor and small business owner.

Cool, cool. So … why a skunk?

I wanted to build a fully mutated art car that was a cute animal that also had a built-in visual gag. It had to be a critter that could showcase multiple LED displays and needed to be the first of its kind. A Funky Skunk with illuminated stripes that can lift it’s tail and blow bubbles out it’s rear while playing funky music seems like a perfect fit to me.

Well when you put it that way, I have to agree! You went to Burning Man with this, right? Did you drive it across the country or ship it?

Yes, this version of the skunk has been to many events throughout the country including Burning Man. I typically tow it behind a motor home on a flatbed trailer for long journeys.

Have any other plans to do more art cars?

Yes! I have loads of ideas for many different sizes and styles; for myself and for others. They are fun to drive and can be used as advertising for businesses. I also hope to curate a proper Art Car scene here in Orlando. I’ve definitely spotted a few others already.

What are your favorite things to do in Orlando?

I’ve been having a blast biking to all the breweries and pour houses along the Orlando Ale Trail. Bungalower Bingo at Tactical Brewing is always a good time. I also like bringing my art car to local events like the recent Maker Faire and Longwood Holiday Parade. I hope to find more local events and private parties to bring The Funky Skunk to in the future.

What are your top three favorite places to go for dinner?

I live for tacos and Black Rooster is my current favorite spot for constantly good tacos in multiple locations around town. Santiago Bodega has tapas to die for and the best date night vibes.

Kaya is the “off the beaten path” spot when meeting friends for top-notch cocktails and Filipino food.

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