The City of Orlando has just issued a public alert due to the detected presence of Avian Influenza at Lake Eola Park.

According to posts on social media, the City of Orlando became aware of several bird deaths at Lake Eola and after some investigation, discovered that the birds were positive for bird flu.

Avian Influenza spreads among wild aquatic birds, including swans. The CDC shares that while people only rarely can get sick with the virus, it’s important to limit exposure to it, and to take the following precautions when visiting Lake Eola.

  • Avoid direct contact with birds and only observe them from a distance.
  • Do not feed birds.
  • Avoid contact with any bird excrement.
  • Remove your shoes before entering your home and clean them off if contamination is suspected.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife is recommending that the flu be allowed to run its course to allow some birds to build immunity and the populations are being monitored by City staff.

Brendan O'Connor

Editor in Chief of

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