Monument in Right Feet Major Todji Kurtzman

The seventh See Art Orlando sculptured installed Lake Eola Park. The newest installation is located on the southeast corner of the park in the area used for the Orlando Farmers Market. [GMap].

The statue stands about nine feet tall on top of a pedestal and is an oblong human with features getting smaller towards the top. The sculpture is titled “Monument in Right Foot Major” and is by artist Todji Kurtzman.

Eight total sculptures will be part of the See Art Orlando unveiling in November [Event Info]. The eight sculpture is being worked on and should be in the park over the next week.

The other six sculptures that have already been installed are:

The sculptures are being paid for by private donors. You can see a map of the eight locations here.

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  1. I am disappointed in the small statue i feel it is out of proportion to the large open are and looks silly..just feel it needs to be much bigger…I do Like all the others statues….