420 NW perspective

Construction on a new nine-story apartment complex broke ground today in the South Eola Neighborhood of the Thornton Park District.

We first told you about the new apartments located at 420 E Church St [GMap] back in September.

We now know they will be called Artisan 420.

The apartments are just two blocks south of the Paramount and one block north of Star Tower.

The vacant lot next to Lutheran Towers in-between the Paramount and Artisan 420 is planned to be another residential building. That one is a 21-story building called Citi Tower.

Artisan 420 includes ten ground floor live/work artist studios along with three visual art gallery spaces totaling 4,000 square feet.

The live work units include 16-foot ceilings and 14-foot high windows.

An additional 6,000 square feet will likely include a restaurant concept.

A 10,000 square foot amenity deck for the 299 units is on the fourth floor above the garage.

The deck includes a heated saltwater pool, LED shuffleboard, life-size chessboard, competition grade Tailgate Toss tournament courts and a twenty-person poolside. Other amenities include a1,800 square foot fitness center and 2,000 square foot indoor lounge area.

Residents will have access to a 448 space three-story internal parking garage.

The property is being developed by Jefferson Apartment Group and the building designed by Baker Barrios Architects.

The first units are expected to be available for move-in in October 2015.

Here’s a look at and additional updated rendering: (You can view the previous renderings and floor plans when they were submitted to the City back in September here.)

420 NW overall perspective

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  1. This design maximized density and thus developer upside potential. The roof will have low reflectivity but I presume you mean “green” in the sense of growing plants which while arguably “cool” is not cost effective. I’m actually more surprised that there hasn’t been an uproar about the grand oaks along the street that have/will be leveled to build this job…

  2. It’s an OK concept, but no artist I know would want to live in such a cold, generic, eco-unfriendly building. Where’s the green space? Why not create a green roof? American architects really need to catch up to what the rest of the planet is doing in terms of innovated, aesthetically pleasing eco-friendly architecture.

  3. Bungalower MrShow Thanks for the reply and clarification. Is there a map of the different districts and neighborhoods? Thanks

  4. MrShow Thornton Park is both a neighborhood and a district. Other districts include Mills 50, Ivanhoe Village, College Park, Milk District, Audubon Park Garden District, Church Street and Downtown South. Some of the names overlap, as in this case, with a neighborhood. We try to identify both the district and neighborhood when appropriate. Hope that helps.

  5. isn’t Baker Barrios the same firm that likes to design the horrible parking garages downtown??

  6. Adam, Yes we’re not 100% sure on Citi Tower but that’s what I’ve heard. The demand for rentals right now is higher than ownership for attached housing. The Thornton Park Townhomes I would guess will be for sale. Don’t know for sure.

  7. Is this the plan for Citi tower as well, just apartment style (leased)? What other condo projects are about to start construction or recently have started in downtown that will be sold not leased?

  8. Are these units going to be strictly leased or for sale as well? I’m guessing just leased?