According to Circle K staff, the Mills 50 gas station and convenience store on the corner of Virginia and Mills Avenue at 1349 N. Mills Avenue [GMap] will be closing this Thursday, December 17 and demolished sometime in early 2016.

We reached out to the City of Orlando who informed us that no permits had been pulled for the demolition of the gas station building at this time.

We’ve also reached out to the former property owners but have yet to hear back.

We will update this post once we’ve learned what the new owners have planned for this high-traffic lot.

Brendan O'Connor

Editor in Chief of

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  1. Putting in my personal plea for a tex mex restaurant in this area (mills/50).  Why or why do we not have one????

  2. The vacant corner of Nebraska and Mills would be perfect for a College Park sized Starbucks; easy in and out…

  3. The Hood’s Up location has been untouched because the owner wants to keep it in the family. That could be changing though. The Tire Kingdom location is up for lease, not sale. They’re hoping someone can just move in the space. And the old Chevron next to the Safety Council building is in limbo after the fire they had. But it would be interesting to hear if the City does provide incentives to soil remediation projects or if that’s a domain of the EPA.

  4. That gas station on bumby is privately owned and they’ve just not sold. That’s what I’ve heard. It’s not about gassy dirt.

  5. I heard the city was relaxing the remediation requirements but these buildings continue to sit empty.

  6. Unfortunately that is why there are a number of vacant lots and buildings up and down Colonial in Mills 50. Old gas stations (also the old tire place). Another site is on Bumby in the Milk District. Shouldn’t the city contribute to cleanup if it would mean these sites don’t sit unused forever?

  7. It would be nice to replace it with something that offer better urban design. Gas stations are a terrible detriment to the urban fabric unless designed correct which almost happens.

  8. Wha wha wha. Please. Cross the street for your gas and nasty food and soda. No bar please. 17-92 has more than enough.

  9. Josiah Portillo Mason Kendall Griffin Stephan R. Monteserin Cole NeSmith
    Interesting. What would it be?

  10. My husband is devastated! ! ! This is where he gets his lawn mower gas and 79 cent soda on the weekends!