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Bungalower Contest Alert: Win a free Google Cardboard set


Because we at Bungalower love our readers so much, we are having a little contest to say thank you. We are giving away a free Google Cardboard set (Website) to a lucky winner.

Google Cardboard is a foldable set of cardboard goggles that turn your regular Smart Phone into a personal virtual reality helmet. You simply download an app on your phone, choose something to watch, slap it in your Google Cardboard, and proceed to drop your jaw. We’ve been using them at our offices nonstop and thought it was time to spread the love.

We will be giving away one set of Google Cardboard goggles to the person who posts the best photo of themselves (or a friend) wearing one of our amazing Orlando Tees from our online shop. Go to shop.bungalower.com to get a shirt to qualify.

You have until February 12 to take the best selfie ever. You can tag us on Instagram @orlandobungalower, Twitter @Bungalower, or on Facebook. It’s that easy.

A panel of impartial judges from our new coworking space in Ivanhoe Village will choose the winner.

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