The Orlando Citrus Bowl has been renamed the Camping World Stadium following a new agreement made between Florida Citrus Sports and Camping World. Camping World (Website) is an RV retailer specializing in recreational vehicles, RV service, and parts and accessories.

The Kentucky-based title sponsor is also underwriting the pre-season/post Labor Day football games, which will be now be known as Camping World Kickoff.

The announcement was made on Camping World CEO Marcus Lemonis’ Twitter account, @marcuslemonis.

Brendan O'Connor

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  1. it’ll always be the Citrus Bowl to us … just like MGM is Still MGM to us … not Hollywood Studios … man thats hilarious though … “how can we make Orlando more of a cheese ball to the rest of the nation?”

  2. All the comments about “it’s money” and “they paid for it” are hilarious. I love how easily people just buckle to money and have absolutely not one care in the world about much else. 1. The name SUCKS. It has absolutely no tie in with Orlando at all. 2. If you truly care nothing about the name, enjoy saying it for the next 10 years or however long the deal is for.

  3. Fine with me if they rename city hall the Cool Ranch Doritos Snackplex if it knocks millions off muni bonds we’d otherwise all get taxed more to pay down.

  4. Well, they get a handful of games one ESPN and FS1 until OCSC moves to the new stadium next year…but HEY! There are TWO bowl games!! Suckers!!!

  5. We will soon be living near downtown 7-11ton or the McCity formerly known as Orlando. For sale to the highest bidder

  6. I think it’s because it’s changing the name of a known entitity that has been around since the 1930’s, with the name containing either “Tangerine” or “Citrus” for over 60 years. The Amway Center was a new building, and new stadiums are known to always have a corporate name these days.

  7. I love how people are so up in arms about this, but no one has said anything about the Amway Center (at least not that I’ve seen). It’s not uncommon these days for stadiums and arenas to be sponsored by a corporation. It is what it is.