Medical marijuana is expected to be made legal following the upcoming election, allowing people with cases of advanced cancer or severe epilepsy, among other conditions, to obtain legal pot as medicine.

The City of Orlando imposed a temporary moratorium on marijuana dispensaries in City limits , until January 1, 2017. More on that HERE, but there were three dispensaries that were approved through the City’s Conditional Use process prior to the moratorium being passed. The Knox Nursery’s Ivanhoe Village dispensary, pictured above, is currently being built in the former Stone Palace space, right next to White Wolf Cafe [GMap]. We wrote about the retail space being available back in November of 2015, HERE.

The other two dispensaries will be located at 2445 Edgewater Drive in College Park [GMap] and 4544 North Orange Blossom Trail near Lake Fairview [GMap]. The latter is aiming to specialize in Charlotte’s Web, which is a medicine derived from marijuana that was recently approved by the State under the Compassionate Cannabis Act of 2014.

We’ve included the City’s Letter of Determination for the Ivanhoe Village location below, which outlines the other permissions which still must be granted prior to the dispensaries opening for business.



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  1. Oh good. Now we can just go to the store and get some weed n beer. Like a civilized society. But I’m afraid that’s not Orlando. Don’t be throwing out your dealers number just yet 🙂

  2. So totally wrong for our youth. Males do not have full brain development until their mid 20’s. We DO NOT need more intoxicants. We need sober, thinking people.

  3. That is a idea,  been that Orlando is a vacation destination.  The question will be if medical card holders from others state cut buy medication in Orlando, Fl?