City adopts new flag


City Council approved the new flag design in today’s Council meeting, just in time for the City’s 142 birthday, on July 31.

The new flag will be raised at 1 p.m. at City Hall, on the city’s “birthday.”

The new design was the result of a City-wide contest that saw over 1,100 submissions from 12 states and seven countries. There were over 10,000 votes and 2,200 comments posted during the contest.

The winning flag was created by Tim Eggert, a designer who works for local engineering firm, Kimley-Horn.

Click HERE to see some of the designs that didn’t make it.


  1. I have sent a pic of this flag to 3 friends from 3 different states. All asked “what is it?”. So now I envision all of the visitors wondering what is it?

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