Here’s how 779 people felt about the Corrine Drive Study options


MetroPlan Orlando, the metropolitan planning organization for Orange, Osceola, and Seminole counties, has been carrying out a study to potentially reshape the Corrine Drive corridor from U.S. 17/92 to Bennett Road, in Audubon Park as part of a new Complete Street initiative.

The last time we wrote about the study was to share their six separate suggestions to improve the corridor, which you can see HERE. Now that they’ve gathered public feedback, they will refine and narrow the most popular elements down to one final design plan, which is scheduled to be released this summer.

Yes, there will be another round of public engagement opportunities.

According to the Community Feedback Report, of approximately 1,197 people that signed on to a website to give feedback, only 779 actually voted for their favorite design. None of those participants agreed, in a clear majority (more than 50 percent), on which design was the best, but 20 percent wanted better accommodations for pedestrians and cyclists.

The design concept that received the least amount of support was the No Build option, which would leave Corrine untouched.

Despite the lack of majority votes, the 5-lane Variation design was in the lead, mostly due to participants asking the City to maintain current traffic flow and on-street parking. Those who did not like this option, according to the study, most often voiced a dislike of the lack of bicycle infrastructure provided.

The proposal also looked at ways to enhance public safety for those along the corridor, independent of the preliminary design concepts proposed. Those solutions included improved traffic light timing, better street lighting, a raised intersection at Winter Park Road, a network of neighborhood bicycle boulevards connecting the Cady Way Trail to the Orlando Urban Trail, a signalized crosswalk at East End Market, among others.

Scroll down to read the study for yourself, including an assemblage of public commentary.


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