We were recently tagged in an Instagram post asking us (and the universe) where all of the City’s public recycling dumpsters had gone. So we looked into it.


The City of Orlando has offered a number of public recycling drop-offs across city limits for the past few years, where residents could simply pull up in their cars and dispose of recyclables for free. We even did a roundup of the drop-off stations HERE in 2016 for a previous “Ask Bungalower” column for a reader whose condo development refused to offer recycling on-property.

We reached out to the City of Orlando to see if they could help us solve @ThePubLife’s mystery, and they shared that since our last post, City Hall has implemented rules that require multifamily and commercial properties to offer recycling services. Because of that new requirement, they’ve begun phasing out community drop-off stations.

Residents who have excess recycling can drop off their can collections (or whatever they’ve accumulated) at the Solid Waste Division, which is located at 1028 Woods Avenue [GMap] in Holden Heights.

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