Boo-Boo the Black Bear is still on the lamb.

The juvenile black bear that was first spotted in Lake Eola this past Sunday is back in the urban park, albeit in a different tree.

The bear has evaded traps left for it each evening by the Fish and Wildlife Commission. Each evening it has descended and wandered off into the adjacent neighborhoods before returning to climb a tree in a different corner of the park each morning. Sunday it spent the day loafing in a live oak near the Walt Disney Amphitheater, Monday it climbed a tree by World of Beer, and this morning it’s moved into the trees by the Lake Eola Farmers Market.

Commissioner Patty Sheehan has reiterated that tranquilizing the bear is being seen as a last resort, as it could be hurt when it falls from the tree and takes some time to kick in, during which it could run off into traffic or climb even further up its tree. The FWC is still pinning its hopes on the bear going into a trap, so they can truck it away, or for the bear to find a less busy corner of Orlando on its own.

The area around the bear has been roped off from pedestrians and people should exercise caution when in the area. The traps are filled with donuts and syrup. Commissioner Sheehan was unable to share what brand of donuts were being used or if they were jelly donuts, which, as we know, bears love thanks to Saturday morning cartoons.

Brendan O'Connor

Editor in Chief of

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