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The Venue hosts the Amazing Acro-Cats cat circus


The Venue (Facebook | Website) will be hosting the Florida debut of the Amazing Acro-Cats this Thursday. Talented cats will ride skateboards, balance on balls, jump through hoops and perform a musical finale with real instruments all for your entertainment.

The show will be in town until March 15th and tickets are $15.

Check the Venue’s online calendar (HERE) for days and times

Here’s a video so you can see that we’re not making this up.

Is your favorite mural on the list of City’s “Known Locations of Existing Murals” list?


Mural by Andrew Spear and bench by Super Joy Riders

The following list of murals and locations are the pieces that have been  “grandfathered” into the City’s database  and are exempted from the new Planning Official determination requirement (they’re safe from code enforcement).

Additional artistic murals not in the City’s list below must register with the Planning Official as meeting the general intent of the program and include installation date, property owner permission and artist in order to avoid being fined. New artistic murals installed after this Council action must apply for a Planning Official determination in conformance with the program.

Bungalower has added Google Map links for your reference. We hope you use them for an impromptu public art scavenger hunt.

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City of Orlando provides downtown transportation tips for upcoming OCS game

SpecialEventsMap, March 8-page-001

City of Orlando has released some transportation tips in order to make your first Orlando City Soccer game a little less stressful for those of you who were planning to take advantage of the free weekend service on the day of the game (we wrote about that HERE) you may have wondered how you would get to the stadium from the Church Street SunRail station [Gmap].
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Photo Tour: Catalyst co-working space opens downtown

Artistic rendering courtesy of Catalyst

Artistic rendering courtesy of Catalyst

A new collaborative, shared work space has come to downtown Orlando’s growing bank of non-traditional offices.

Catalyst (Facebook | Website) is an industrial-chic 7,000 SF work-space located on the corner of Orange and Central [Gmap]. Although the address is Orange Avenue, the actual entrance is on Central, a funny hangup of being in a building that used to be two separate structures.

Catalyst was built on a level that used to be the top of the old buildings (built in 1913) and you can see remnants of its history in the remaining architecture – exposed brick and an open layout. In fact, according to Dennis R. Pape, the  cofounder and managing director of Catalyst, this space used to be a rooftop garden back in its early days as the former Yowell-Duckworth Building.

Vespr (Facebook | Website) will be setting up shop in the space to operate their coffee and snack bar. We asked if they’d be open to selling guest passes so downtown Orlandoans could partake of the local craft coffee too, but it seems that its a perk for coworkers only.

There are plenty of parking options, like $75/month at the Jefferson lot, $60/month at Skyhouse, or (our favorite) free if you park in Thornton Park and take the Lymmo to the corner of Orange and Central, and buses run every 15 minutes.

The new space has already “soft opened” and is entertaining new membership applications before its grand opening in March. Memberships are no contract.

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Farmworker Association of Florida hosts bread and soup dinner


The Farmworker Association of Florida is hosting an event called How Does Your Garden Grow: Bread and Soup Dinner (Facebook) on Thursday March 5 at East End Market [Gmap].

Attendees will enjoy a variety of ethnic soups made by staff and community members while hearing about FWAF’s achievements and struggles in the past year.

Proceeds will go towards supporting the FWAF’s work to improve conditions for farm workers in the state of Florida.

Tickets start at $25 a person.

Click HERE to buy your tickets.

Orlando’s electrified fence rules are changing


No dinosaur-proof fencing will be used in City limits


The Municipal Planning Board is going to be rethinking their stance on electric fences in their upcoming March 23 meeting.

According to their agenda (click HERE) the MPB will be amending section 58.590 of the Land Development Code, more specifically, they will be voting to allow electrified fences, provided they are permitted through a “clear and consistent permitting process”.

Currently the city code doesn’t say much about electrified fences, other than to ban them from residential and office districts. Which actually implies that they’re allowed in non-residential and non-office districts.

City staff is requesting updates to the code in order to better restrict their use.


I Wish This Was … an urban orchard

unnamed (1)

We love parks … but, some parks were created a little less equal than others. Festival Park in the Milk District [Gmap] is one of the largest parks in the City of Orlando, but it also happens to be one of the ugliest.

Kept spartanly clean with a mow and blow maintenance plan, the 16-acre park is generally used to host strangely dichotomous outdoor events like VegFest or the Bacon Festival and left vacant for the majority of the year. A basketball court to the Southwest of the property sees mild use and a volleyball court in the north section is fairly popular, but the most interesting spot of the park (our opinion) is the community garden, which happens to be one of the nicest such gardens in town (again, our humble opinion).
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Top ten things to know this week

Here’s our rundown of the top ten things you need to know this week in Downtown Orlando area news.
  1. SunRail to offer free weekend service during March for Winter Park Art Festival and Orlando City Soccer match.
  2. Bungalower won a Silver Brick at the Golden Brick Awards for our monthly bundle.
  3. German company hoping to bring a micro-housing project to downtown Orlando.
  4. The local branch of the Awesome Foundation awarded their monthly grant to a local toy maker.
  5. Dollar Tree parking lot in Mills 50 to be transformed into a new Popeye’s restaurant.
  6. Red Lobster relocates head offices to downtown Orlando.
  7. Central Florida Earth Day is accepting vendors.
  8. Parliament House finally out of bankruptcy and will be the subject of an upcoming documentary – c/o Orlando Sentinel.
  9. Civic Minded 5 have released their first three concerts of 2015 – c/o The Daily City.
  10. Orlando Weekly moves into the historic Tinker Building in downtown Orlando this week – c/o Orlando Weekly.
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